What is Android POS?

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How Point of Sale System Function   Android Point of Sale in general is a network that links to several checkout terminals in your counter and operated by main computer. This device is called inventory software that are programmed to track your usage, record sales, monitor updates of dollar changes, calculate orders and payments, and […]

KROID Android POS For Proper Inventory Management – Business – Sales

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When we refer to Point of Sale (POS) software, we address its essential features and applications linked with the restaurant business. A well equipped restaurant Point of Sale software helps with managing the checkout operations and acts as a possible interface that the perspective customer transacts–during the course of buying.   POS systems give you […]

Loopholes Of POS Systems

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There are a lot of good things that a Point of Sale Systems brings to the table especially for retail businesses and restaurants. It increases the efficiency and makes a lot of complicated processes much simpler than usual. As a result, more and more businesses are switching into Point of Sale systems and are getting […]

Steps 1-5, The Kroid Way

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Kroid Android POS is a part of the wave of Android POS systems that are getting more and more known for its versatility. POS systems are made to increase the efficiency of the business where it is installed. This article will guide you on how Kroid does its magic on a systematic step by  step […]