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Why Choose Kroid Products?


Our solutions work on Android, hosted on a cloud server, affordable, and we got a reliable technical support for our customers.


Android Frontier

Kroid is an innovation in itself. Point-of-Sale Apps usually run on IOS, here comes a powerful POS applications packed into your android tablets.

Hardware Flexibility

Kroid products are well-matched with android tablets and a number of smartphones that are out in the market. Who needs an iPad when you can have a cost-efficient Android?

Cloud Based POS

Kroid solutions are cloud-based. This means that you can access your store’s data through an online server. So wherever you may be, you can check out your sales data as long as you are connected to the internet. How cool is that!

Kroid Support

Feeling a little lost? Questions you want to be answered? We got your back. An awesome technical support team is always online to accommodate chat inquiries. Call us, we love to talk to you.

About Us


Kroid makes it easy to build unique experience that are catered to your taste.

We have cloud-based POS Software Applications Powered by Android for small businesses that think BIG like yours.

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How Android POS can TRULY benefit the Merchants

The use of android POS augments the efforts of restaurant and retail stores alike who wanted more. Perhaps all merchants and business owners, even managers and customers, have seen what Point-of-sale system can bring to the table. In fact, traditional POS still appeal to anyone, whether or not one want innovation. However, many merchants are […]

What is Android POS?

How Point of Sale System Function   Android Point of Sale in general is a network that links to several checkout terminals in your counter and operated by main computer. This device is called inventory software that are programmed to track your usage, record sales, monitor updates of dollar changes, calculate orders and payments, and […]

KROID Android POS For Proper Inventory Management – Business – Sales

When we refer to Point of Sale (POS) software, we address its essential features and applications linked with the restaurant business. A well equipped restaurant Point of Sale software helps with managing the checkout operations and acts as a possible interface that the perspective customer transacts–during the course of buying.   POS systems give you […]

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