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Why Choose A Mobile POS?

Kroid Android POS is one of the most promising mobile POS systems out there. Mobile POS systems are one of the more flexible and versatile POS systems. Aside from the stand alone POS systems, mobile POS systems that work with tablets and smartphones are getting more and more popular among people with retail businesses or restaurants. With features which are impressive enough to compete with standard POS systems, mobile POS systems and apps are starting to gain ground within the POS market.

Here are the common features of mobile POS systems and apps that makes them a good competition for traditional POS systems:


High Compatibility Operating Systems

Mobile POS usually runs on Android or IOS. These are widely used mobile phones and tablets that are easy to use and access.  Lots of developers consider android as one of the better systems to incorporate with Point of Sale System Apps.


Cloud Based Technology

Yes, Cloud Based Technology is also incorporated with the good mobiles POS systems. It’s like everything the traditional POS or cash registers can do, mobile POS systems can too. Never fear about how to store your store data and reports. It’s all up in the cloud.



Cost Efficiency

Unlike the traditional and bulky POS systems, mobile POS systems have minimal need for hardware. It’s what makes the old POS systems really pricey and it can skyrocket for several hundreds to a thousand dollars.


Back Office and Real Time Reports on the Go

Given that your main hardware is the tablet, no matter where you go as long as you are connected to the internet, you can manage the back office of your restaurant. With this the same technology, you could also view the real time reports so you can monitor the sales of your business even if you’re not there.