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It’s the one of the best Android POS system right now. Kroid also provide a mobile POS solutions; Android POS systems. POS Software: The software dictates what your POS system can do. You will need to select the best software to suit your needs. We offer our mobile Android Point Of Sale systems at no cost to you.

Whether you’re in the market for Retail POS Software or Restaurant POS Software, our Point of Sale will provide you the best Return on Investment. Install an Android POS demonstration to your Android device, or view Android POS screenshots.


The Flexibility of Android POS System


Many even provide free mobile software that works with their POS stations. Use Restaurant POS – Point of Sale as a ordering system, restaurant system, restaurant pos, bar pos, cafe pos, mobile pos, wireless pos, phone pos, cash register or any other point of sales. This software will have to connect to the same database the POS software uses.



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A smart phone, combined with a Mobile Point Of Sale (mPOS) application & an external card reader (attached to an Android phone via its headphone jack, Micro USB or through Bluetooth interface), turns the Android mobile phone into a Point of Sale terminal (Android POS). Our Point of Sale demonstration version for Android is easy to download and install. Kroid POS is designed to work with most of the Android tablets and Smartphone’s.


The Difference of KROID SYSTEM


Our software program is essentially the most intuitive restaurant level of sale software program available on the market. In case you are searching for level of sale software for your Restaurant then you need to consider ours. The fashionable point of sale is often referred to as the point of service because it isn’t only a level of sale but also a degree of return or buyer order. Kroid restaurant point of sale software is a fully built-in, scalable restaurant level of sale software program, back-workplace, and enterprise system.


View our Android POS page for more info on this model of our restaurant level of sale software. We have had many requests over time to supply level of sale systems to the restaurant business. KROID restaurant management cloud expertise helps you focus on your restaurant.