Why Tablet POS System Must be on Android not iPad

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Kroid Cloud POS software works on the Android operating system, which makes it different from other tablet-based POS you find in the market. We carefully choose Android Platform for Kroid Cloud POS to provide you a secure multi-tasking solution. Point of Sale system, being the central nervous system of your business must be trusted enough […]

US-CERT Warns Businesses: POS Attacks

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United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) recently warned retailers to put better security on their POS systems. Target company‚Äôs home-point-of-sale systems are now on the list of attackers.   The advisory states that POS systems are attached to computer or devices that are capable of downloading email and connecting to the Internet, which might […]

How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity Using Android POS System in Your Restaurant

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Android restaurant POS device actually works well in the hospitality industry and it can increase the performance of your business operations. POS device portrays professionalism and makes you look classy to your customers. It is considered as trendy, sophisticated and advanced. But this is not just a typical trendy device because it help you with […]