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Steps 1-5, The Kroid Way

Kroid Android POS is a part of the wave of Android POS systems that are getting more and more known for its versatility. POS systems are made to increase the efficiency of the business where it is installed. This article will guide you on how Kroid does its magic on a systematic step by  step way.


Kroid works best with restaurants and is well versed with how a system should be managed. First of all your employee or you yourself must take the orders. This is step 1 and is called Adding of Items. With the customized menu (that Kroid also provides), you can choose the menu item that the customer chooses.


Then enters Step 2; Modifiers. This is the part where in you pick if you want to purchase add on’s with your orders. This could be an upsize to your meals, drinks or even side dishes that depends on the selection that your restaurant provides.



Step 3 is Send to Kitchen. This is the part where in your finalized orders are now relayed to the kitchen crew. This can be done automatically with Kroid Android POS. With another tablet, you can just send to your kitchen crew upcoming orders and reduce the possibility of mistakes upon taking orders.



Step 4 is where you have to pick a payment type. This step includes control of the wireless cash register straight from the POS software on your Android Tablet. The customer doesn’t have cash on hand? No problem! The system also allows swiping of their trusted credit cards.



Last but not the least, is where we print or email the receipts. This is where the transaction ends with the receipt as the proof of the transaction. This transaction will be recorded through the cloud storage and is available for review in the back office which can be accessed with the POS System.

With Kroid Android POS, client service has never been so easy.