Kroid is now available on the Android Market!

We are happy to announce you today that Kroid is now available on the Android Market. You can now download Kroid through Google Play’s website. Google Play is a store site by Google where almost all Android apps are stored. Some apps are offered with a price, we offer Kroid for FREE. So, how to get Kroid from Google Play?

First, while using your Android device, log-in to your Gmail or any Google account.

Second, go to and search for Kroid Cloud POS or go directly here: Kroid Android Cloud POS.

Third, click the Install button and automatically your device will install Kroid in your phone. Kroid supports almost all Android devices. Please refer to this list of supported devices.

Fourth, start using Kroid.

With just four easy steps, you can start using Kroid on your mobile device. Kroid is available in the whole world, making it sure everyone will have the chance to use this powerful yet easy Point of Sale system.

What are you waiting for? Download Kroid Cloud POS now:

Kroid Cloud POS on Android Market