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Efficiency Against The Price

Point of Sale Systems exists to help a restaurant or a retail business provide a better brand of customer service. The more efficient the POS makes the system of the restaurant, the more value the POS demands. And we all know we do not live in a perfect world, and there will never be a perfect scenario wherein we get the best of both worlds. So the constant will always dictate as the better customer service the POS system can provide, the more expensive it will be. Now that this is laid down as the main point, we come across this question; for businesses with tight budgets, is it better to go for a POS with a lower priced POS with fewer capabilities in comparison to that of a premium, more expensive one?



The debacle of installing the wrong Point of Sale system has victimized a lot of businesses all over the world. It has crippled lots of operations leading to mediocre to substandard customer service. The worst happened for some restaurants wherein the financial blow was enough to call it quits. It is easy to pick a side when it comes to this question and we can provide people with several reasons to back it up, but the situation is never the same for everybody. What needs to be understood here is that there is a sweet spot in between the two factors. As cliché as it may sound, some Point of Sale systems are capable of providing in the customer service department while not costing a hand and a foot. Kroid Android POS is a solid example. Aside from its solid features that allow it to be one of the most relevant Android POS systems in Google Playstore, Kroid will not cripple you financially.

With Kroid’s subscription plan, you will never be forced to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a product that you’re not sure about. For just 21$ per month, you can walk away with your finances intact unlike with traditional POS systems.