Steps 1-5, The Kroid Way

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Kroid Android POS is a part of the wave of Android POS systems that are getting more and more known for its versatility. POS systems are made to increase the efficiency of the business where it is installed. This article will guide you on how Kroid does its magic on a systematic step by  step […]

How to keep Your POS System Work Smoothly

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Maintenance is the last concern of many business owners. For a better POS experience, proper maintenance is very important so it will work properly and will not cause you different problems related to hardware or software.   Purchase POS software with the best customer service   Every product of technology has its own glitches and […]

How to Handle Your POS System Properly

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Like all other electronic equipment, point of sale system also needs a periodic professional maintenance to assure that it will last longer with full efficiency. You cannot avoid that in the long run a qualified technician will be needed to fix your system.   Proper maintenance can lengthen the total span of a POS system […]

Useful tips for growing a successful business

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Let’s have a break from talking too much on product marketing and advertisement. Stop worrying from time to time on how to grow your business in a short span and get your capital back in your pocket. Business opens many possibilities but you need to situate yourself on the real things happening around you. Before […]