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A New Horizon For POS Displays

Modern Point of Sale Systems usually comes in more recent hardware upgrades as well. Along with a better type of cash registers and products scanners, the main screens of the system are usually touch screens. Touch screens were first introduced with mobile phones several years ago and now almost the totalities of gadgets are touch screens. It is safe to say that touch screen systems are the way to go and this is proven by big companies such as Apple and Samsung as they reign supreme in the market with their tablets and smartphones.


Such can also be said with Point of Sale Systems. In the past, the system only includes the monotonous cash register with a calculator like display. Even in this category, touch screen monitors are slowly taking over. And why not? Touch screen gadgets and displays are easier to use. Just a touch here and a swipe there and voila! Your transactions are taken care of. And the risk of wear and tear on a tangible keypad is no more.



With the introduction of Android POS apps in the market, tablets and smartphones now can run your Point of Sale system as their main form of display for your business. Tablets are almost considered part of the human necessity nowadays. More and more people are getting their own tablets as they can use it for work and recreational activities at the same time. Business wise, it is a blooming channel for modern mobile cloud based Point of Sale systems. Android POS systems like Kroid are gaining more popularity and credibility for their successful take on the abilities of your traditional point of sale system with even more features that your run off the mill POS wouldn’t be able to perform. Hardware prices are also steep in pricing, so your tablet serving as the centerpiece of the hardware components immediately means a large deduction to your total expenses as you set up your POS for your business.