How Android POS can TRULY benefit the Merchants

The use of android POS augments the efforts of restaurant and retail stores alike who wanted more. Perhaps all merchants and business owners, even managers and customers, have seen what Point-of-sale system can bring to the table. In fact, traditional POS still appeal to anyone, whether or not one want innovation. However, many merchants are already questioning, “what’s more?”

The development of android point of sale has answered the needs of the merchants toinnovation. Here’s how it can truly help them:



This is no surprise. With the use of tablets and smart phones where the android app can be installed, makes it easier for managers to facilitate the waiting lists, speed up transactions, and serve customers quickly. Thus, it makes the business and the customers happy.



With its mobility, sales clerks or managers can now have the freedom to roam around the store, check prices, greet and serve customers, add more chairs to the area and many more. It is something that cannot be done using the traditional POS.

This way, customers will have a better in-store experience.



The simplicity of android tablets and smart phones reduces the effort to wrestle with the outdated POS systems. Since these technologies are already not new in the society, any employees can learn a tablet POS in a couple of minutes. Thus, training is significantly easier to execute without stretching the budget.

In addition to cost, android tablets cost half the price of a traditional POS terminal. Using android tablets also means that merchants can easily update the software, integrate new features without the help of expensive IT staff to reconfigure the POS. It can save merchants big bucks!



Android POS system comes with additional hardware and peripherals to make a comprehensive solution. This includes wireless inventory scanners, integrated scales, terminals and others. Each of these peripherals can be set up quickly. It will need some assistance from your POS provider. Luckily, many POS specialist are always open to help you and give you assistance.



The shop “Alex and Ani” is a great example of a business who uses a mobility-driven POS. According to the RetailCloud.com, the store has gained 318% increased in their sales during holiday season with the use of mobile POS (mPOS).

Moreover, Perry Philis is also one of the successful retailers who are using mPOS in their stores. Philis stated that, “arming store associates and managers with tablets helps retailers improve customer service and increase shopper engagement leading to boost in brick-and mortar sales”

This technology gave way for establishments to also do upsell and cross-sell, which can help move costly inventory items, increase turnover and ultimately boost your revenue.


Notably, people today are opting to ease, flexibility and convenience. And, the android POS could be the best option for merchants looking to meet the evolving demands of their mobility-driven customers while shedding the costs and constraints of pricey, obsolete infrastructure.