Android POS

Why Tablet POS System Must be on Android not iPad

Kroid Cloud POS software works on the Android operating system, which makes it different from other tablet-based POS you find in the market. We carefully choose Android Platform for Kroid Cloud POS to provide you a secure multi-tasking solution. Point of Sale system, being the central nervous system of your business must be trusted enough to give you a merchant experience possible.


Imagine your point-of-sale system as a central nervous system where it is necessary to have health monitoring to assure a good body performance. An Android tablet system permits system level access, allowing Kroid Cloud to remotely monitor uptime, automatically upgrade software, proactively troubleshoot and minimize POS-only functionality. This is one of the hands-on approaches on many of the POS system.


iPad POS systems, on the other hand, cannot perform a direct and real time health monitor of its POS system.


5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Android POS System

Proactive and Remote Monitoring

Kroid Cloud has a close monitoring on all its POS units, ensuring constant merchant uptime and proactive customer support. Our technical support monitors everything from POS tablet battery life, components plugged-in, CPU and memory. We also offer a 24/7 technical support that will assist you with some difficulties you might encounter.

Remote Troubleshoot

If a problem exists, Kroid Cloud can check immediately the detailed logs from our Control Center to determine problems and solve them immediately.

Automatic Software Updates

Unlike iPad POS that doesn’t allow automatic updates and requires merchants to check for updates and manually update it through Apple’s App store, Android POS is capable of pushing updates regularly to tablets in the fields. We believe that this is very valuable to most of our clients because merchant must not waste time in doing other things than focusing on their business.

Remote Install of Third Party Apps


Cloud-based POS system relies on how its POS function as a total commerce platform. If you use iPAd, which have access to millions of apps, you will encounter some problems because your personal data will not be hide without the use of third party device management application. Android tablets give business owner far greater control.

Flexible and Reliable Components

Android OS open source platforms that allow developers to write software allowing different hardware components such as credit card, swipers and receipt printers to work with the tablet. Whereas, iOS is a closed environment and only allows developer to just rely on a specific APIs that cannot be modified. In the end, iPad POS systems only have limited components to offer on specific makes and models. Therefore, Android tablets can also use standard US host drivers which allow hardware components to connect over USB while iPAD do not and merely rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.