Android POS

How Kroid POS is getting popular in hospitality industry

Kroid POS now reaches 1,282 subscribers from different countries and still counting day-by-day. The company launched a free trial version of its software and now available for download online.


This Android POS system gained popularity through its high standard software and quality hardware. Once you install it on your android devices like tablet, it can work now as your computer and new cash register.


It is highly equipped and can add higher levels of consistency and convenience to your business. It can save you from spending too much time in organizing your business and it can increase the speed of your services. It allows you to keep track on your business from any location.


What most users like about Kroid POS are the following:


Accessible back office that helps you setup your menu any time anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.


Real time reports of sales and payment that will let you know how much income and profit you generate in your store.


Employment management allows you to set employees’ schedule automatically using Kroid POS features.


Users love to use Kroid POS because of its wireless printer that doesn’t require too much wiring just to be connected with your system. Instead, a Wi-Fi connection is being used.


Secured data backup that will avoid any possible data loss because it provides you two options either you automatically or manually backup your database.


One of the advantages that Kroid POS brings to you is the convenience of giving receipts to customers. You can now send receipts through your customer’s email at the same time you will be able to save expensive thermal paper for your printers.


In terms of payment, credit card processing is now available for your customers. It has a cashless transaction provided its credit card partner, Paypros.


Soon, Kroid POS will finally offer an offline transaction support. In case your internet is down, you will still be able to use Kroid POS and continue your normal business offline.