Android POS

Why Android POS System is Much Better than iPad POS System

For sure, many of you have probably encountered several ads and blogs about iPad POS systems and how it tries to revolutionize the industry. But you need to learn more about it before saying that it is much better than Android Point-of-sale just because it carries the name of Apple.


IPad POS applications for tablet are still not adequate to perform complex task such as splitting a check or VAT tax. It is also difficult to ask assistance from technicians to fix your system in case it malfunction, knowing that iPad software are highly controlled by the company itself and it’s difficult to find spare parts for your system.


IOS devices also lack options for remote access or screen sharing. Any of these instances makes it harder to provide high quality support.


Unlike Android POS system that has automatic software updates, the iPad POS has suffering from updates delay because its software is still an ongoing project. We all know that new standards and new technologies require updates. But the updates you are expecting might take a long time because your POS app is not compatible with iOS and usually Apple needs to approve the applications before they become available to the users.  There is also a big chance that if your app provider will not agreed with Apple’s policies, your POS app might be banned and that causes delay to your operations.


If you have just started your business, you are surely aiming to save at least a few bucks from your pocket and buying an iPad POS is a big trap. You need to expect another $500 per terminal, Wifi infrastructure, data plans and investment on compatible peripheral devices plus stands.


Android devices are everywhere and it provides a good service to its user in a more affordable price. While iPad is much expensive and represents a precious item and it calls the attention of theft. Therefore, you need to allot another budget for its insurance.


Simplicity is one of the key terms why Android devices gain a lot of popularity in Point-of-sale system. It can also work with other devices and remains compatible at the same time. Though, Android POS system might have some discrepancy of its own, yet you are rest assured that they provide a 24/7 technical support.