Restaurant POS

What You Exactly Need For a POS System?

There are so many things that will confuse you once you decide to buy a new POS system for your restaurant or shop. We have discussed in other articles that point of sale system can perform several tasks like inventory management, track sales and run reports. Restaurant point of sale system must be capable of  printing kitchen orders, customizing orders, monitoring bar tabs and fix customer loyalty program.


Here are the lists of the things you really need for a POS system:


Full Systems and Hardware


There is a wide market of point-of-sale hardware online and all you need to do is search for POS companies that at least sell touchscreen system. Touchscreen is now very common in many restaurant POS. You have to find out whether they provide a variation of full-system options and if they also offer popular peripherals like age verifiers, customer displays and Pin pads. There are many companies that offer bundle versions of hardware while others like Kroid POS offers piece-by-piece purchase.


After-Purchase Maintenance


Maintaining the good condition of your POS system is critical. Finding a good customer is vital and should be one of the important things you need to consider in selecting a point-of-sale provider. So far, Kroid Cloud POS users has been satisfy with the way customer support provide a 24/7 assistance to its clients. If you are interested on a particular company provider you can inquire and ask about what support services they offer, installation assistance, training and remote support, etc.


Type of Payment Processing


This should include all type of payments like cash or credit card. Some POS provider have free credit card processing agreement while others let you pick your own process with extra chargers. In choosing free system please consider the different terms of contract if they are agreeable to you and if it matches up with the span of your business plan. The best payment process is the one that offers mobile processing.


POS software


Most POS resellers starting to become popular on selling point-of-sale software is Kroid POS, QuickBooks POS and Aldelo. You software will help you become efficient. Eventually, it should help you increase customers because they will take notice of your advanced system. Customers love a speedy and accurate checkout.



Your POS system must speed up your checkouts, organized your accounting and keep your entire customer satisfied. Don’t hurry yourself in selecting which POS to buy.