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What Makes A Perfect Cloud Based POS

Web Based POS is the new innovation in the POS competition today. Internet connection has now become a requirement for a better performing restaurant, not just for the customers but for the function of the system. A lot of its favored elements that people find useful are related to its connection to the web. A Good Web Based POS has tons of great features like ease of integration and has a well documented API.

In a perfect world we could be choosing from a multitude of features that a POS system could provide. Who knows, someday POS systems will finally be able to do most of the features needed to be reach near perfect performance. Such features include:


Uniform Platform

Pos systems today has different platforms. Some that depend on brands, some that depend on operating systems. A perfect POS would be one that could easily work through all platforms thus promoting uniformity.


Ability to Support Different devices

Some systems only support devices from the same manufacturer. It would be a great stride for systems if they could support different devices from varied developers as well. This includes card readers and pin pads and card swipes.


User Friendliness

This factor is really important. If a POS is easy to use, then its functionality and efficiency immediately is unlocked to its full potential. It is also important on the manpower perspective that the employees be trained by experts to make sure they know what they are doing before investing on it and making it operational.


Liberty from internet connection

Given as a web based POS needs a stable internet connection, it will be really amazing if a POS system can stand alone without the internet connection. This is a problem for cloud powered POS systems. Also, privacy is another thing that needs to be worked on since hackers are always on the grind. Security should also be top priority.