POS Software

What defines the right POS System?

Choosing the right POS system is one of the most difficult operating decisions a restaurant faces. The more you think and plan about the selection process the more it will highly affect the overall satisfaction you will have with your new system.


The right POS system must be easy to use and you don’t have to do lots of screen touches to perform certain function. Servers and cashiers must be comfortable with the new set up and hopefully it can express their productivity. Your Point-of-sale system should be flexible in assisting the guest experience foresees by the operator.


It is highly important that it is customizable so that managers and owners can create changes on the menu and do other administrative task without asking any assistance from technical support. Your POS system should be flexible enough to accommodate all your needs as their client. Of course it will be a plus if they provide a 24/7 technical support.


An ease of use for a POS system is seen through how a person can work on a POS system, create, edit a ticket and do other task without someone teaching how to do it. This means that this doesn’t include difficult commands and complicated instruction to do everything you want. If you are a the manager, you can just go to menu editing interface and add new complete menu item that includes pricing, choices (modifiers), print routing to the kitchen and screen layout monitored by the order management side, if you have.


In the end, your decision in selecting your POS system signifies that you are giving your trust to the POS provider from local or international company. You can take list of question ready for them in case you want to ask more about their company and the type of POS software they offer. You can also try some of their trial versions like featured in kroid.net or try visiting your prospect sites also.


Expensive on going cost of supporting and maintaining the system is gone. You can now have as many options as you want. Just remember that its important to have a good technical support but this should not occur frequently.