Twitter Mute Option

After Twitter’s Notification app, “Mute” option is now available on the website setting that allows you to mute noisy users in your timeline. This mute option will help users who are not yet ready to unfollow a person, but don’t want to receive any tweets from them.


“Mute” option will let you choose an account that you like to mute. You can hide their tweets and other activities, but that person’s account will still be able to interact with your tweets and other activities on Tweeter. After all, you will not receive any notification from that account in your timeline.


Unlike “block,” people will not know if they have been muted. This option is a convenient way to momentarily silence people who keep on flooding tweets during events or opening a topic that’s not your interest. Of course, you can also unmute it anytime.


Last December, Twitter already made an attempt that people who were blocked wouldn’t receive any notification. But users who were blocked would still be able to see and follow the Twitter activity of the one who blocked them. Twitter decided later on to change the course immediately after users’ violent reaction. Instead, they added “mute” option for the users.


Twitter’s vice president at that time, Michael Sippey said that the changes they made are really to address the “post-blocking retaliation” concerns.


You can now access mute function on Twitter’s iPhone, Android apps and website. It will run for the coming weeks.


It’s quite ironic that Twitter company created several modifications with the website to make its users active on their account. But this new “mute” option will cause Twitter to become a very boring site where people muting one another.


How to Mute Someone


Step 1: Click on the “more” link on individual tweets


Step 2: Click “mute @username.”




Step 1: Go to someone’s profile page


Step 2: Tap the gear icon


Step 3: Select “mute@username”