Restaurant POS

Touch Screen POS system for Restaurant Business

The first question that will prompt you in acquiring your own POS equipment is whether to have a touch screen or a programmable keyboard. For some people, they want to use a keyboard but most businesses nowadays, choose touch screens. You can only see keyboards equipment in grocery stores because it can work well with program individual keys for a particular item codes and prices.


Touch screens today concentrate on meeting the needs of restaurants that is why it becomes more intuitive to use. It provides convenience and flexibility in the user interface and programming so that they can disregard the training session that might cost a few bucks.


Most touch screens nowadays are flat-screen based LCDs, which are much improved than the CRT monitors. Though this might be a little expensive, you can still save because it last longer, use less electricity and very space-saving. They even look more presentable for your restaurants.


Just remember that when you purchase touch screens, avoid those touch screens that are overlayed on top of regular monitors because these are really fragile and prone to breakdowns. This could only add to your expenses and might bring you unnecessary complication to your system.


In terms of keyboards, you can find some of those 101-keys model similar to any computer. The most common POS systems in fast food outlets are those flat-panel membrane keyboards that are smaller and more POS-specific.


Usually they come in with built-in magnetic stripe readers for processing credit card payments. Usually those programmable keyboards may range from $150 and $300. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what type of POS equipment you want to use but you need to make sure that you take in consideration the environment where you will place it.


Of course, you need to know that the price always matter for keyboards and touch screens you find in the market because most of it has varying levels of spills and dusts proofing.