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The Restaurant Menu Strategy that Boosts Social Search Rank

Today I’m going to show you how to reach your customers friends, improve your rankings and Graph Search and reward your customers for talking about you in social media through the flexible check-in tool. I want to help you to connect with your community online and off and promote yourself to success through social media. This strategy centers on check-ins.


Check-ins can happen on Facebook and Foursquare and many other platforms. You can encourage check-ins on your menu regardless of the style of your restaurant. If you’re more casual, then go ahead and have on with it. Be witty or use social media icons.


If you’re more upscale then keep it sophisticated and classy with just a simple like text that says something to the effect of. Please tell them you are our guest by checking in on Facebook. Another way you can boost check-ins is by being charitable. Does your chef ever create charity dishes? You know, something special from the kitchen from which proceeds go to benefit a particular charity or help with a recent tragedy? Well, you come bump up your charitable donations and extend your social reach by creating a Facebook check-in deal. Most restaurants have some type of events that they host as a restaurant from time to time. When you host an event, it’s a perfect occasion to create a specials menu just for that event. You can use that specials menu to incentivize check-ins. Foursquare is a really good choice for these check-ins because it gives you so many options for event check-ins. Imagine that you’re a venue that has a lot of customers come in for ballgames or for sporting events. Well, you can create a Swarm Special that unlocks when, for example thirty people check-in, then at one time then they all get 25 cent wings. Or you can create a Flash Special where the first ten people who check-in after eight o’clock get twenty five percent off their order.


These deals only unlock when that threshold is reached and Foursquare integrates very easily with Facebook and Twitter so your reach can extend onto those platforms as well. Or suppose your restaurant shuts down one night a month for a wine pairing dinner, where you serve four courses with wines for a flat fee. Well, you can create a Facebook or Foursquare check-in deal that rewards the diner with an upgrade when a certain criteria is met. For example, on Facebook you could set up a Friend Deal that rewards diners when they check-in with three others, then they receive your signature dessert. Or if twelve people check-in on Foursquare, everyone in the place gets an upgraded wine with one of the courses. This is a fun way to do it because you create some positive peer pressure among your guests that enough people have to participate for the good of the entire group. These check-in deals work really well for special events because you can set the time-frame for it to be only valid during the actual event. So whatever the event or whatever the nature of your restaurant, simply add the information about that benefit checking in onto that special menu for the event.


Use your menu to encourage people to check- in at your restaurant in social media. Check-ins provide valuable social proof and they show up in the News Feed and Notifications of your patrons friends. Have you tried to encourage check-ins? Do you have any tips to share about what has worked for you?


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