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The Importance Of A Good Display

Kroid Android POS runs in tablets and android smartphones. Given that fact, the screen and the display in general is very important. Actually, it is very important to every electronic device. You could easily fathom that the most successful gadgets in the market are those who have the best displays or those which we can call “easy on the eyes”.


For Point of sale software, it is important as well that the display is crisp and clear so that it would be easier for the restaurant staff to make it work. It is also the first thing that people will look at and the employee in charge of the counter. It badly affects the efficiency of the Point of Sale software if the display is confusing and is not pleasant to look at. To see is to believe as they say and the same goes for display. The most dominant sense that we depend on is our vision so it is normal for people to judge prematurely with what they see.


Point of Sale software like Kroid Android POS uses the display for almost all of its functions and is one of the most essential parts of the system. This is where you’re restaurant menu is viewed when waiters and the cashier takes the order of the customers. The display also shows the total quantity of the orders and is also showing how much should be charged to the client. With the use of a good display, your menu and your staff schedules and boards will be more systematic and easier to understand. Never uder estimate the power of a good display for it goes a really long way. Besides there are a lot of people who believe that what we see is basically what we get. So if your POS system is confusing at first glance, then you are going to have a problem with it sooner or later.