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Stop Frustrating Visitors with PDF Menus on your Restaurant Website

Are you still using PDF food menus for your restaurant website? Well, today I am going to tell you why PDF food menus are bad idea and how dynamic online menus are much better way to go for your restaurant website. So why are PDF food menus such a problem? Well PDF files are bulky and slow to download. And, why should visitors be required to download a file to their computers just to glance at your restaurant website? Not to mention mobile visitors are going to have a tough time downloading a PDF file to their smart phones. And what happens next month when your food menu changes? You’re going to have to go contact your designer and ask them to recreate your PDF food menu. And then upload and replace the one that is currently on your website. It’s a hassle, right? So let me tell you about a better way to manage your restaurant online menus. You can just display your food menu directly on a web page on your website. So nothing to download, just click and there it is.


You know as a restaurant, your food menu should really be a focal point of your website. It’s one of the primary reasons a visitor come in to your site because they want to glance over your menu and decide whether or not they want to come in and dine. So you should feature food items on your website with beautiful photos, descriptions and pricing information.


You can even include social sharing buttons right there on the individual food items. And if your website uses a content management system like WordPress, you as the restaurant owner can actually go in and make changes to your online menu yourself. So next week, if you have a new specials you like to promote, you can just go in and in a matter of minutes swap in the new items to your menu and take out the old ones.


So loose those PDF menus and go to well-designed online menus for your restaurant web site. If you find this tip helpful and you’re looking for a POS software, go get your free copy of Kroid Cloud POS. Kroid Cloud POS will help you boost your profits while you take time improving your website.