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Social Media for Restaurant Marketing

One of the comments. What should I do? I think what you’re seeing here is that you don’t have time to cultivate new customers and figure out how to get returning customers, and the truth of the matter is social media is absolutely the best place to get new customers and get customers to return to your restaurant, and I can’t think of a more important thing that you could be doing with your marketing time. Now there are ways that you can improve, you know, your effectiveness with social media. There’s bulk scheduling tools that means you can spend a little bit of time, collect a whole bunch of information, and schedule it out there. It really is not that hard to sit down and collect a whole bunch of really good information, maybe shoot some videos in your kitchen, talk to a few of your chefs or your wait staff or even some of your customers and schedule these things out so that they roll out on social media in a fairly easy way. So you really shouldn’t need to spend more than a few minutes a day, but you really do need to spend a few minutes a day because this is conversational.


Social media is social. You can’t just blast a message to people and expect that it’s going to be effective. You have to engage in conversation. You have to ask questions, and you have to respond to the answers, so you need to engage with your customers on social media.


One caveat that I have here. Don’t turn this over to the kid in the neighborhood or your nephew just because they are good with computers. This is about you and your message. It’s the tone and the presentation that you want.


Who wouldn’t hire that person to be the greeter in your restaurant and not necessarily have them represent you? So if you’re not doing this yourself, just make sure that the person is doing it, really represents you, really understands who it is that they’re talking to that they’ve created the avatar of the type of customer that you really want to cultivate in your place, and that those messages are directed to them and that the conversation is natural and not robotic or anything like that. So it’s not that hard You don’t have time not to do social media It’s absolutely the most effective, cost effective, time effective, everything effective tool that’s ever been out there.


It represents the biggest opportunity you have. You really need to sit down, spend some time mastering it. As soon as you get a hold, a grip on it, you’ll be fine. It’s not going to take near the time that you think it is.


Social Media is a good tool for restaurant marketing, Kroid Cloud POS is also a helpful tool for your small restaurant. Try our POS Software now.