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Small Business Marketing Ideas that you need to know

Based on my ancestry, which is Russian, he will remind us how we have to work very hard in your business to make money. Correct! Absolutely! He will also tell you that business is hard work. And there is no fun in business. This is based on a personal experience.


Today we going to once again delve right into what is it take to be an authentic marketing party you express yourself in a most natural and genuine way and you will see it at work with my clients how they find they are on in a creative resources and how I guide them towards expressing themselves in the most profound and natural way that is suitable for them and their particular business. So without further ado, let’s discuss more. So on the series note, I have been a marketing manager for a big corporation for many years of my life and what I realize business can be an amazing and powerful tool in our society. On the other hand, business can be a very destructive to amount society prefers business corporations or formed in England in 1930 something. I don’t know the date but it was in 1800 to the Queen gave the business at charter to be a Corporation, that’s why were corporate if and that means work operative where a group of people come together to trade for the good of all and that’s the key.


Originally, the charter for corporations was to do go good for all. To do good in the world and what happened now under a lot of unethical practices came and people lost their original motivation for business soul. I want to remind you that business is it an amazing and powerful tool and that is what we going to discuss today. But I found this, there are three things. Three secrets to business success from working with all the 300 businesses as a business consultant which I founded the first thing that business miss is marketing. Marketing in a way that is genuine not the kind of marketing that people get turned off by that agrees with their value set and aligned with what they want to express in the world. The second thing and we going to talk about marketing a lot 80% of your business come from your 20% of the clients but that is not what I’m talking about. Business success depends on 80% motivation and 20% perspiration, most people think exactly the opposite.


They think if you work hard, you will get what you want, but what I found was exactly the opposite. When you are motivated and energized in what you do, business is successful the minute they going to. The issues I am struggling with basically there to an SM that you mentioned but it’s same as you mentioned organization and prioritizing because my business is all that complex in different areas. My tendency is to do what’s fun instead of what needs to be done like billing customers following up on customers and that kind of thing. We will update this post later.


For the meantime, if you have a small business, a small restaurant perhaps, you can use our POS software to help you take control of ordering and payment processing in your branches.