Silicon Valley VS Cyber Criminals

Big companies are now surrounded with threats from cyber criminals.


Panel of security experts in San Francisco announced at VentureScape (annual meeting of the National Venture Capital Association) that Silicon Valley tech companies are also under attack by groups and foreign countries searching for possible loophole in the internet security.


Cyber attack is evolving through time and other countries are now hiring well trained operators to manipulate the internet. Sophisticated groups of criminals are now winning the battle against the information network defenders.


Chairman and chief executive of FireEye security company said that “The biggest area of change has been [that] the zone between San Jose and San Francisco is one of the most attacked areas of the world.”


There is a security imbalance that requires more attention from law enforcer and private companies have to increase their security against those possible attack said Mark McLaughlin who is the chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks Inc.


McLaughlin added that it’s important to dig deeper on the attacker’s modus operandi so they can formulate some prevention mindset.  “I think buyers are exhausted by yet another thing,” McLaughlin added.


The expansion of mobile devices and social networks has provided the attackers more targets and chances will increase. DeWalt stated that the increasing number of connected devices known as the Internet of Things, is an area of interest for FireEye.


“Think about the lack of security in those areas now,” he said. “Who’s going to secure the next-generation Boeing aircraft or the next-generation smart grid?”


DeWalt added that it’s quite impossible to stop such attacks, thus “You’ve got to wrap better processes, intelligence and people around it.”


“I think it will make CEOs more aware and boards more aware of the negative consequences about not having some level of understanding about what’s going on in the first place,” McLaughlin said.