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Wait List Manager


Our Wait List Manager can make calls and send text messages to your waiting customers. This makes it easy for your restaurant manager, no matter how hectic the schedule is, to professionally manage the wait list and reservations and to easily notify customers when seating is available.

The customer’s phone will receive a text message notifying them if they are ready for the table or if they need to extend their waiting time. The option to extend is very helpful for customers who need to do something before they’ll go to the restaurant. As soon as they make a selection, Kroid’s Scream notifies the restaurant manager. Now he/she will know when parties are returning so that they can better manage seating.

What are the benefits?

By ensuring your customers are notified to return the restaurant makes managing the flow through your restaurant more predictable and fluid. This also makes it easy for you to provide top-notch professional service and fine tune your front-of-house operations.

Why use a tablet-based wait list app?

Kroid Scream will use guest’s mobile phones as restaurant notification devices. Use Kroid Scream now and start engaging your customers.



Designed with restaurant setting in mind. You now have more time to greet your customers.


It’s not rocket science. This feature is user-friendly.


Even when the internet is down, there’s nothing to worry about. Our team is always ready to assist you.


Host enters guest’s phone number. Guest receives text message confirmation.

Guest prompted to download Kroid Scream App for Guests. This establishes a digital communication line.

Guest can see featured items and their progress on the waitlist.

When the table is ready, host hits a button and another text message (or call) is sent to the guest.