Robot with ‘heart’ Introduced by Softbank

During the news conference in Urayasu On June 5, SoftBank Corp. Chief Executive Masayoshi Son introduced its “human-like” robot called Pepper.


Pepper is introduced to the public as the new employee in the company that can function like a human robot with a “heart”.


The robot is composed of two big eyes and its body which measured 120 centimeter is covered with white. Pepper is capable of knowing a person’s emotion and it responded according to what it sense. Mr. Son said that it is the kind of robot that know how to make its own decision and to act with love.


According to Son, during the packed news conference, that for the first time in human’s history and the robot’s history, they finally overcome the challenge of making a robot that is capable of processing and having emotions. They treated it as one of the remarkable things that happened in our time when we look back hundred of years from now. For almost 25 years, they have been dreaming of a robot that is capable of emotion like Pepper. It even asked Mr. Son if he was dizzy after noticing that so many cameras flashes at Mr. Son.


The robot can also produced a few words of its own like when it said “Being able to be considerate is my own important function.” It will start working on the company by Friday in a public relation at Softbank stores in the upscale Tokyo neighborhoods of Ginza and Omotesando.


The inventor primarily sees the robot to be like a babysitter, party promoter, and especially like a family member. Mr. Son added that pepper has the ability to adapt and learn the activities of family members like their hobbies and routine. It can also get information about their moods and then save everything to a new cloud database set up by Softbank.


So far, Pepper is doing a great job in assessing Son’s character and while he introduced the robot with a smile, Pepper also respond that a great smile will bring Mr. Son a great success in his business.


Pepper has only one leg that is used to its own advantage where it can work for 12 hours without recharging unlike those two legs robot that only last for 30 minutes.


Softbank acquired Pepper in 2012 from a France-based Aldebaran Robotics for about $100 million. Foxconn Technology group is one of its partners in the production.


This new robot will be available in Softbank stores and online in Japan by February 2015 for ¥198,000 (around $1,950). Hopefully it will be offer to the worldwide market.


Profit is not their main concern, said Mr. Son. They will ignore profits at the beginning because he wanted many families to acquire at least one robot. So the price is just the same as you buy a personal computer.