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Restaurant POS System – What to Ask Before Purchasing a Restaurant POS System on the Internet

Buying a restaurant POS system online can be difficult for the first time due to the number of options and systems. To guide you, this article will help you ask the right question for the POS vendors. It is very important that you will get the exact POS you really needed for your business. Your standard will be the basis of your purchase. Below are the guide questions that you can follow:


What exactly is the monthly payment or cost per minute for technical support or licensing fees?


Most companies that sell POS system have monthly charges for the licensing fee for using their software. By finding out how much you can spend on this, you can allot a proper amount and you can search for other another POS in case your budget doesn’t fit on this. Normally you will spend $360.00 per year or $200.00 per station even you will not use their tech support system. If monthly licensing or tech support fees were not discussed or mentioned, make sure to inquire them about it.


 Is the software on a “Trial Period”?


Most companies will offer a free trial version of their software that will last for a couple of weeks but you need to purchase the product later on where you have a monthly payment. In case the trial version has expired, ask them about what it cost after that. Do they have a warranty, a per call charge or a per minute charge? Some companies also provide a free technical support that will last as long as you are using their POS system.


What about software upgrades?


Check to the company if the POS they are selling will update automatically or manually. You also need to ask if there were any additional payments for upgrading the system.


Is the equipment new, refurbished or used?


If no description is included in the product advertisement, ask the vendor whether it’s new, refurbished or used. But usually, POS system like Kroid Cloud sells brand new products.


Is shipping/ handling indicated in the advertised price?


This might be expensive but the location of your supplier will also affect the amount you will spend for transportation. The closer you are to the vendor, the lesser amount you will spend for handling. But if it is across the country from the vendor, this might cost you a few bucks.