Android Point of Sale

Restaurant POS System – Quick Q and A on Pros, Cons and Choices

Android POS software or Electronic Point of Sale software is now common in many businesses such as hotels, restaurants or coffee shops. Based on our surveys to some business owners, it shows that they almost have the same questions when it comes to what restaurant POS system should they purchase. Below are three top questions that may also help you in buying Android POS system.


Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Android POS system for a restaurant?


The most challenging part for a restaurant point of sale system is how to manage inventory like ingredients purchases, recipe changes and management. Most restaurants are not POS friendly because they have many fresh goods and new recipes daily. If you get a poor POS system, you will encounter some difficulties in giving proper services to your customers. On the positive side, many Android POS are easier to use where you can customize your daily recipes and check your everyday sales and inventory. Choosing the best Android POS system like Kroid Cloud, will actually improve the quality of your service and increase your sales.


Q. What type of Android POS system should I get for my coffee shop?


If you are a coffee shop owner, better choose a POS system that can provide you a complete set of software and hardware including touch screen cash register, a credit card swipe and optionally a customer display pole. The POS system should have a back end that include employee management module, inventory monitoring and inventory management module, trend analysis module and graphic display of trends. It is also important that it is capable of export sales and expenses data into accounting software for tax purposes. This is very much important especially if you are starting out your business.


Q. What are the top requirements for a quick service restaurant POS?


One of the crucial things about Android POS is the connection of cashier to the kitchen where orders are being prepared. What you need is a fast point of sale system that will automatically transfer the order from cashier to the kitchen. It can be a touchscreen monitor like tablet and a dot matrix printer for printing incoming orders. Please remember that a thermal printer or monitor cannot withstand the heat from the kitchen.


Another thing is the ability of you POS system to change or modify orders incase your customer will change their mind while picking a number of orders. A fast Internet should be available in your location so that you can run quickly a credit and debit card processing. Lastly, you POS system should fit with your standard and what you need in your business.