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Restaurant Marketing Strategy – The Most Important Thing

One of the questions that people should ask me is, “What’s the most important thing to do in my restaurant?” The most important thing to do in your restaurant is to get a good strategy. Only two to five percent of all business people have a real strategy, and when you think about it, and I don’t know about you, but a lot of restaurant owners when they are deciding what it is they are going to do in the restaurant, the strategy is kind of basically, Hey, we need this kind of restaurant, and this neighborhood looks like it could benefit from that, and I am good at that, so I’ll go run that. That’s a strategy, but it’s not a strategy, and a strategy is probably, it is without doubt the most important thing you can do. Generals don’t go to war without a strategy, so get a strategy and when I say a strategy, I don’t mean let’s target this person or that person. A strategy is much more encompassing.


Here is a simple strategy. The strategy is I have to travel from Los Angeles to New York, okay, great. That’s my problem. That’s a problem I am trying to solve. A strategy let’s take interstate freeways as opposed to back roads. Okay, that’s a strategy. Does that actually accomplish what I want done in that case which might be, the real question is, What’s the fastest way to get to New York? Okay, that strategy might get you to New York from LA the fastest way, but if you’re problem was I want to take the most scenic route from Los Angeles to New York that strategy of sticking to the interstate system is not going to get you there, so the strategy has to collate with the problem.


What is the problem that you’re trying to solve? That’s the most important thing to really understand what problem you’re trying to solve then great. What’s the strategy? Maybe if I am trying to have the strategy of what’s the most interesting and beautiful route from Los Angeles to New York. I don’t know, let’s say it’s Route 66, that’s not going, I am not going to get my problem accomplished of the most beautiful trip by staying on the interstate system, so I need to change my route to accommodate this concept of I want. So, strategy is the most important, but it has to jive with what it is you want to accomplish. Once you have your strategy, then you can decide on what are the tactics that I am going to use to accomplish that.


So in our example a tactic may be great, let’s rent a car and do that, or, hey maybe we can get a bus, and then we don’t have to do all the driving ourselves and then we get to enjoy the view more and maybe it takes us to some more interesting places that we would perhaps know about on our own. So we would contract with somebody to drive us across country, or we take a bus or we take a train or we take a plane. These are tactics that accomplish our goal with our strategies. So I encourage you to think long and hard about strategies.


Spend a little bit of time studying strategy. One important strategy for your restaurant business is automation. You might have problems on taking orders and handling payments from customers. Well, we can help automate your business and give customer satisfaction all the time. By trying our (Point-of-Sale) POS software, your restaurant will have the best strategy in marketing and customer care.