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Restaurant Marketing Ideas That Increase Profit

I have a friend named Joseph. He owns a restaurant in Scottsdale, serving a mix of locals and people on vacation. Joseph makes great food! And Joseph needs restaurant marketing ideas.


Just like any business, restaurant management has to make a profit. To do that he needs 3 things: A growing stream of customers; a reduced number of people leaving before being seated; and he needs people to order more when they visit. Joseph knows many of his patrons visited social review websites before visiting his establishment. He’s discovered the concept of Social Proof – that people rely on the activity and experience of others when making decisions. So, if you don’t have social reviews on your restaurant, it’s the online equivalent of an empty restaurant. Lots of good reviews make you irresistible.


According to Harvard, a half star increase in your Social review rating can increase annual revenue by 5 to 9 percent. Another study from the University of California says people trust other normal people more than critics or advertisements. You know social reviews are important to your restaurant marketing. You know you need more of them, so how do you stop walkaways because not everyone sees your review online? Luckily, Joseph found ‘That’s Great News!’ They take your best 4 and 5 star reviews – make them look good enough for the cover of a magazine and preserve them as high quality wall and desk mount plaques. On the wall of your lobby, these plaques reinforce good decisions to visit your restaurant. It shows that you embrace social reviews because your food and service are great.


Social reviews promoting your specialties, like a famous apple pie, encourage others to try those dishes. Seeing other positive reviews on the walls of your restaurant coupled with a great dining experience, frequently inspires patrons to write glowing reviews, often before they’ve left the table. These plaques pay for themselves in no time – usually with just 2 or 3 extra customers. Imagine seeing your restaurant filled every night with each table ordering the dishes others raved about.