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Reasons why people are not buying your product

Do you have cobwebs on your Buy button? Are you scratching your head wondering why more people aren’t lining up around the block to get a piece of your pie? You know what I mean. Why aren’t more people buying your products, your services, your pie? Something is not working so let’s figure out what that is because once you identify, you can rectify In other words, we can turn that sales frown upside down.


Let’s start with reason #1 — You’re not asking for the sale or making enough offers. Back in the day when I was still coaching one-on-one, my man Josh made a brilliant observation. He said: You know Marie, your newsletters are awesome, but why didn’t you mention you have coaching spots open for new clients? For me that was like duh, it was a palm to the forehead moment. You know, most of us are so afraid of making direct offers or asking for the sale because we don’t want to come across as pushy or salesy. Look, you run a business; that means you have to make offers and directly ask for the sale.


If you have any hesitation whatsoever about sales and marketing, you need to get your buns in B-School the next time class comes around. And see that? I just made you an offer right there.


Reason #2 — You haven’t earned our trust. No reviews, no testimonials, no demonstrations, no track record, no before and after. When I hand over my money, I want to know something works or at the very least I want to hear about other people’s experiences. If you sell a product that grows hair, I want to see pictures of people with some bald patches and then pictures of people with luxurious hair. I want to see some happy customer quotes saying. You know, once I was bald, and now I have a big bush. Don’t just say miracle hair grow, it works, show me some rave reviews.


Show me something Reason #3 — Your offer isn’t specific enough. You’ve got to choose a specific audience and then make offers specific tailored to them. Here’s the three second summary: when you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.


Reason #4 — We have no idea what you’re actually selling. If you’re selling juicy sassy abundance, we don’t know what that is. Does it remove eye makeup? Is it a Szechuan specialty? Contrast that with one my favorite food shops in New York City. It’s called The Meatball Shop.


Guess what they sell? Mop handles? No! Meatballs and actually the best balls ever; veggie balls that is, and just in case you forget what they sell, they remind you like this: We Make Balls.


Reason #5 — The price is not right! You may be too expensive or too cheap for your ideal customers, or maybe you haven’t effectively communicated the value of your offer to make it a no brainer. We’ve already talked about pricing quite a few times here.


Reason #6 — You’ve given us too many damn choices. Here’s an example Jams, the kind that you eat with peanut butter. There is this study about two different stands in the same grocery store that were both selling jam. One stand had 24 kinds of jam, the other only six.


More people took free samples from the stand with 24 kinds of jam, but guess which stand scored more sales? You got it; the one with only six kinds of jams. In fact, less choice in jams equals six times more sales. If you want a deeper dive on this study, check out the Ted Talk by Sheena Iyengar, not to be confused with Sheena Easton who sang with Prince on You Got the Look, not to be confused with their lesser known jam called They Got Confused. Let’s wrap this up with one of my favorite pieces of business wisdom ever.


No, I did not come up with it, but yes it is a tweetable. A confused mind always says no. So there you have it. Seven reasons customers aren’t buying your pie.


Now there’s a lot more to talk about with this topic, so let’s get to it. Do you have any more reasons to add to the list? Think like a customer. What stops you from clicking that Buy button?


After figuring it out, you can use our Point of Sale software so that you could focus more on important marketing strategies and let Kroid do its magic.