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POS-X TP4 All-In-One POS Computer Review

Today we will take a look at the POS-X TP4 All-In-One POS Computer. This is a touch screen computer. It is a computer monitor all-in-one, all metal stand, all metal casing. It’s a great durable product. It comes in two versions: a capacitive version that has a glass like touch screen, and it also has a resistive version where the screen is a little softer, not quite as clear but a little better for certain environments like restaurant or outdoor garden centers.

I will explain further about resistive version and the capacitive version of the TP4. The capacitive is going to be a better looking picture and it’s also going to be a slicker screen. So, it’s kind of slippery on it. That makes dragging really nice. It’s also multi-touch so if you need to do enlarging, shrinking, you can. You can do gesturing with this type of screen. The resistive screen doesn’t respond quite as well and you can’t really do multitouch. So you can only do one point at a time.

For point of sale where you are basically just clicking buttons multi-touch isn’t a big deal. If you’re doing any kind of gesturing though you’re going to need a capacitive screen. The one bonus that resistive has over capacitive is that you can use pens or you can use gloves you can use anything that can put pressure on the screen to touch it. The capacitive won’t respond to a pen or if you have gloves on whether it’s just little silicon gloves or garden gloves. It will only respond to finger or a stylus made to be used on capacitive screen.

So keep that in mind. How are you going to be touching the screen? If you’re going to be only using your fingers and it’s going to be a nice clean environment, capacitive will be fine If you’re going to be using pens or gloves than you’re going to want to go with a resistive screen, a little better picture, a little more flexibility. The touch screen in general on the TP4 is incredibly responsive. It responds pretty much as fast as you touch. So you can be very fast. Touch screens in general have come a long way. Before there was kind of a delay you had to time your touches. Now there is no delay, you touch and it responds. A definite upgrade if you’re using an older all in one PC.

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