POS Software

POS System’s Gift Card Program

POS system is now capable of providing you the best way to handle gift cards to your customers with its capacity to track gift card balances and quick gift card redeems. Gift card sales increases as the holiday season begins. If you want to have this on your store, better choose carefully the proper format of gift card you are going to use.


 The main advantage of Gift card in your store is the Increase of sales and customer visits. According to statistics, electronic gift cards have proven to increase exchange rates over paper gift certificates and increases repeat visits. Customers who use gift cards have greater chance to spend bigger amount than there budget and these cards provide wallet advertising.


Reusable and Rechargeable Gift Cards


Rechargeable gift cards are flexible to use not just as an ordinary card but also as loyalty programs and discount cards for your customers.


Produce your own gift cards


You can contact someone that produce pre-made gift cards with barcodes or magnetic strips that will be scan by your POS system.


Worrying about your budget? Well, you have an option to make your own gift card by printing it and adding labels that will stick to the back of cards you are choosing.


POS Gift Card Reporting


Gift card reporting will be much easier if it works with you POS system so that you can easily check gift card balances and purchase history.


Finding a Good Printing Solutions


Find a printing solution that will do a customizable gift card to provide you with the most affordable gift card options. You might also consult with your POS provider in terms of a better gift card design. It will not be too difficult for you to search this one because many of them are available online.