PBS Kids Super Vision App: Control Your Children With Their Internet Usage

PBS Kids finally introduced their new Super Vision app that can help parents in monitoring and controlling the internet usage of their children. The company solved the most common problem of parents especially on things related to what their kids are doing in the internet. It was obvious from the name of the app itself, PBS Kids Super Vision, that it will watch carefully the child’s activity.


Parents will have another way of keeping an eye to their children where they can see how much screen time they spend in just surfing the internet. Parents will receive real-time information regarding what the child is playing or watching and how much time they will spend. But they must be spending time at


Supervision is done through picking a time to pause games and shows by displaying a full-screen message on your child’s monitor like “time to eat,” “bed time,” “school time,” and “break time.” The app will also provide lessons after each show or game and parents will get suggestions regarding the activities that they can do with their children when they are offline.


Supervision app and PBS Kids website are synchronizing together. Using a browser, the app can be accessed from your PC, Mac or mobile devices. A code will be generated by the site that you will use into the app to connect the two apps. The two will work as long as you never clear out the cookies and cache. One good thing about this app is the no-login requirements and the website or app doesn’t ask you to provide any of your personal information.


Many parents would surely love this app. It will stop their paranoia about what their children are doing when they are viewing online. Soon, Super Vision will be available in Android but the iPhone app is finally launched in Apple’s iOS Apps store and now free for download.