New Danger for XP User: Browser Hole Uncovered

Microsoft’s default browser Internet Explorer put many XP users at risk after a new security hole is discovered.


On Sunday, Microsoft alerts its users for the possible hacking attacks through 11 of its flagship browser against version six. Once hackers exploit the coding flaw, they can obtain the same level of access on a computer’s network like the official user. This sounds so scary and alarming at the same time.


A security company, FireEye figured out the hole in the system. According to FireEye this is a part of campaigns against hacking in U.S financial and defense companies. Internet Explorer 9 might be the target of these hackers through Internet Explorer 11.


The first introduction of software was in 2001 while last April 8, Microsoft’s support on XP was stopped including the software updates and security patches for the browser and operating system. If the browser is used on multiple Microsoft operating systems the bug can affect it. But the greatest concern of the company is those people who still use Windows XP.


Christian Tripputi of Symantec research wrote in a company blog post “XP users are not safe anymore and this is the first vulnerability that will be not patched for their system.”


Despite Microsoft’s previous statement, they could create some exceptions when they can issue a patch that would help XP users. As of now, the company remains silent upon the request for comment. Despite the outdated and problematic security flaws of the operating system it still runs on some 300 million machines worldwide.


“On completion of this investigation, Microsoft will take the appropriate action to protect our customers,” Microsoft said in a security bulletin.


After the publicized end of support for Xp, some users already expect the possible consequences. Nevertheless, probably not anyone expected for a major flaw in XP that was uncovered after three weeks of Microsoft’s end of support.


Until now, they continue to research more about his new bug that threatening the unsecured XP users.