Most Wanted Applications for Connected TV

If you are planning to have new apps for your connected TV, better choose the useful applications for you.


Evidently, there are many internet-connected TVs and media set-top boxes nowadays and they are really catching on. Most users, 75 percent of them, actually care more about the video apps for their connected TV according to The NPD Group (a firm that tracks market data and consumers.) The top three for most wanted apps that you can also have are Netflix, next is YoutTube and The Weather Channel.


The study did not have intention to investigate those useful or most wanted apps for social media, music or photo streaming but the survey shows a different result that includes the top 10 for video category.


The main reason why video apps are in demand in connected TV because it’s visual and it really serves the purpose of the televisions. So here are the top ten:


1. Netflix


2. YouTube


3. The Weather Channel


4. HuluPlus




6.Amazon Instant Video/Prime Video




8.Fox News






John Bufone, NPD’s executive director of Connected Intelligence stated in a press release “The next wave of TV app user is looking for a different experience than earlier adopters and is placing greater emphasis on TV-everywhere apps from their favorite networks,”


Video apps and broadcast video is already transforming from traditional video sources to a higher quality performance. If you are planning to have any of these applications for your television, well you will surely enjoy the new features of this product.