Mobile Ticket Train for New York Commuters

Soon, commuters to New York City will no longer have to wait just to get their train tickets. They will have the options to use their smartphones or tablets to buy and display their tickets in a much easier and quicker way.


JustRide is the newest system of ticketing through mobile where users can acquire individual tickets a one-way ride to a monthly pass. They can get tickets within a few seconds through their phones and have all details regarding the arrival of train, routes of the trip and other issues about transit.


A contract has approved by the Metropolitan Transit Authority Board (MTA) with a mobile ticketing technology provider, London-based tech venture Masabi (a subsidiary of Blue Technologies Ltd).


Masabi will be assisting the MTA in providing mobile ticketing for train riders in areas like Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) but it will still not be available in the NYC subway.


MTA executives haven’t given any statement yet but Ben Whitaker, Masabi CEO said that the other party is still undecided when will be the launching of this new ticketing system.


They still have to take in consideration that the Metro North and LIRR has many staff and countless number of passengers come every day. It might take a longer time to conduct planning, testing of the new app and training the people concerned about how things will go on. Therefore, the app might not be released to the public for several months to prepare for its launching.


The train inspectors will also need another mobile device such as iPhone to scan and verify all the mobile tickets. MTA Corporation will also benefits from this because monitoring of ticket sales and operation of the whole system will be directed automatically to their data storage.


Based on MTA statement they received almost 11 proposals from different suppliers of mobile ticketing. Indeed technology really helps in solving our transportation problem. Other railroad companies are now shifting into this new system of faster ticketing services through mobile phones.