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Kroid POS reaches 2045 subscribers

After the company launched its free trial version on Kroid.net, subscribers increase daily. Latest Update shows 2,045 subscribers who downloaded and use the free trial version posted online. Kroid POS has been a leading provider of POS software and hardware to both local and international stores.


It now offers a 14-days free trial version that you can install on your smartphones and android devices. Once you are able to install the software you can explore its different features and how a POS operates. This is your chance to see if it will work well with your system or does it fit to the POS standard you are looking for.


Kroid provides a high quality POS product and full time technical support for all clients who sign contract with them. They offer a whole package of POS software and hardware or you can also purchase by piece depending upon your budget.


The website itself provides a demo section where users can click and experience how order transactions are done through a POS. But if you want to experience whole functionality, better download it.


The biggest difference of this POS to others is its customizable feature where you can easily change menu and you can add employee time record immediately on the tablet or computer itself. All the available tools are ready for you to use.


The company renovated the site to give users the best browsing experience. On it’s home page you will find the other features of the point of sale system. You will discover more about what the company is all about, how to purchase their product and what are the different news updates regard POS worldwide.


You can also check their news section and read more about articles on how to choose Android POS system. They give you simple tips on how to improve your business and be part of the competitive business industry.


Avail the latest version of Android POS system at kroid.net