Kolibree: Upgrade Your Ordinary Toothbrush

Kolibree is the worlds first connected electric toothbrush. It uses an advance sensor technology that detects areas where you have brush and if you miss important parts of your mouth. This toothbrush will change the way you take care of your teeth because of its new electric and intelligent features. Applications and games are used to take control of your oral hygiene to keep you motivated all the time.



It’s not just your ordinary toothbrush because it uses sensors and now connected to smartphones and tablets. It uses applications that analyze data transferred via Bluetooth to make your brushing moment fun and compelling. Kolibree is introduced first in Kickstarter to inform the public about the product and also to raise enough money to build development kits and launch their production tooling.


Fit for Both Kids and Adults

Unlike other electric toothbrushes, Kolibree is connected via Bluetooth in your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet. This toothbrush is elegant, light and beautifully designed to fit for both adult and kid’s hands. Beyond aesthetics, every part of toothbrush is carefully made to provide the best care and experience. It’s gentler on your gums, and will not surely cause damage on your teeth and mouth.



Game applications are also used to motivate kids. Brushing their teeth will no longer a task for them, but a playful time with other members of the family. Parents can now assure if their children are brushing correctly and hitting all the right sections of their mouth or not.


Near Future of this Kolibree Toothbrush

Dentist and other Dental professionals around the world are expecting so much from this new invention. They are excited about the difference it will create in the application of your oral care. You have the options to share your report with your dentist so he/she can recommend improvements and downloadable brushing programs.


Technology nowadays is being incorporated with every simple tools and object we have at home. It aims to make our life easier at the same time it improves our lifestyle.