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Ideas on Self-Service Food Ordering System

The last one hundred years have seen a rapid increase in population due to medical advances. The world population has grown by about 7 billion people. This growth in the number of humans is a challenge for world food delivery system. From 1950 to 1984, the Green Revolution transformed agriculture around the world, increased grain production by over 250%. A place with high population density requires positive correlated food supply, but restaurant placing order didn’t change too much from 1960’s to handle increasing amount of multi-language customers.


The time is now for the vision that revolution from the simple burger shop to the large chain of fast food restaurants – enabling an intelligent planet through touch screen Self-Service Terminal. On average in fast-food restaurant, customers spend 60-80 seconds from the time they get in line to the time they receive goods. The Current purchasing workflow using approaching lane: queue, order, pay, wait, and receive is strongly vulnerable for slow down on cash register and can get stuck due to inconspicuous factors, such: language border, indecision or money counting. Nothing can bother customers as having to stand in a slow moving queue, and some of them just walk out as not everyone can stand it.


Blocked approach line is idle moment for back-end cuisine assembly line, so cash register stage is critical moment for smooth workflow. This is the place where evolution comes. Enabling additional ordering payment machine reduce customer wait time by avoiding blocking approach line to receive goods. Solution with well-designed multilingual graphical user interface reduce order errors.


For ninety percent’s of people who eat fast food accuracy in filling orders is very important. In age of the globalization, multi-language customers be ensure that the client order is completed quickly and is correct. It’s still big challenge to crew. With touch screen computer, we can simply implement multi-language forms to be sure that language border or hearing disability isn’t obstacle any more in fast-food chain. With computerization, customers are now easier up to date with items promotions that can be added increasing size of an order.


The next advantage is non-cash system based on credit-cards or RFID paying pass system, where payment can be quickly done without bother for coins exchange. When food will be ready, customer can take it from nearly old way cash register place. In meantime queue is still moving, so we don’t have jam any more. As kitchen food assembly line is still much faster than old way placing order, next step in evolution can be using only computerized stations to placing order.


Another evolution that you should enjoy is our POS software. Kroid POS System is something that will revolutionize ordering and payment processes on restaurants and almost all kinds of small businesses.