Restaurant POS

Human Rapport in a Restaurant Brand

What I’m going do today is, kind of, teach you, in a way, the human rapport side of a brand. Because, a brand is not a logo. It’s not a website. It’s a feeling. It’s how you get people to talk about you, when you’re not in the room.


It’s how you get people to think about you, and endorse you, when you’re not asking them to. And it’s also, the connection between what you offer and what the needs and wants are in the public. And if you can connect those two and do it with a belief system, you will have a better chance to gain more customer trust.


So one way I want you all to think about your company’s rapport is when you go and talk to another human face to face, you don’t try to just go up and just try to sell them something. You don’t go up and try to blatantly tell them everything about you.

But what you do is you just go and try and gain rapport .Try to understand each other, to see if you like each other, if you have similar values. Once you get through that hurdle, then you can see if we can actually help each other out. So what your company’s job, your brand’s job is to gain relationship to people.


For a restaurant owner, it is important to gain rapport to first, your target customers. In most cases, you don’t know beforehand who will surely go inside your restaurant. But, with the help of research, you will know your target customers. After this, you can start building rapport. When your business grows, you can start the second cycle which is building stronger relationship to your regular and first-time customers. How can you do this? Of course, there are many ways, but basically your brand, product quality, customer service, and overall impact to their lives are important factors to consider.


One important thing to build rapport is to have a POS software that values after sales and customer service. If you want this kind of Point of Sale system in your restaurant or any shop that you have, you can use Kroid. Kroid is designed to understand not just restaurant manager’s needs but customer’s need as well, especially taking care of them as special people of your business. What are you waiting for? Grab Kroid POS Software now.