Huawei’s ‘Groufies’ for Group Selfies


Huawei Technologies Co. is looking forward on groufies that promotes “group selfies.” Selfies have been all around the social networking site nowadays. And the company hopes that this will become an edge for them, knowing that everyone loves to take selfies.


Smartphone is trending. The Chinese telecommunication-equipment company sees it as an opportunity for them to create new software that fits the latest model of smartphones. Groufies lets users take pictures of themselves together with friends by moving the camera from side to side.


This is the company’s efforts to create a strong competition with Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. They want to enter the consumer-phone business where people are share things on one another.


Vice president of marketing for Huawei’s device division, Shao Yang said in a statement that “It is a group selfie. We call it a ‘groufie.” Huawei has been one of the leading provider of tech devices and after the idea of taking selfies, this new app appears on the market.


“Social media is so important—we need to let people see the difference” said Mr. Shao.


Their strategy is to push it into social-media sites like Facebook Inc. Which is also a part of a high-stakes global product launch for Ascend P7, the company’s new phone. The announcement of smartphone was done during a splash presentation in Paris, last Wednesday.


Huawei has been aggressive in introducing its new product into the consumer devices in the previous years. Growing research and marketing spending make the company progressive.


Huawei became the third-biggest smartphone player in the world since Apple and Samsung, with 49 million unit shipment and 69% from a year earlier, based on IDC. One of the largest markets of the company aside from China is Europe. Huawei’s smartphone income in Western Europe increase up to 22%, but still the Huawei branded phone only rank No. 8 in the competitive region with a 2.4 market share.

“Europe influences the world,” Mr. Shao said.


On Wednesday, Huawei introduces the feature of its new 4G enabled phone that includes a new high-resolution front facing camera that uses an 8 megapixels. Its ultra-power-saving mode can be lowered the 5 inch screens and only activate the basic function of the phone and squeeze the last 10@ of battery capacity for another 24 hours.


Huawei knows that a lot of work must be done, “At Huawei, we are always very confident about technology and innovation,” Mr. Shao said. “But understanding people more, this is the challenge.”