How to Time Travel Using Google Maps?

Did you wish to have a “time machine”?


Like all of us, we always wanted to revisit the past, see how things changed in the present and feel nostalgic with memories we had in some places.


Finally, Google develop an almost same concept of time travelling through photographs. Using Google Map, users can now brows images of different places with old and new photographs.


This new application tried to give us a feeling of travelling from past to present. They are trying to create a 3 dimensional image of the world. Users can now try the Google Map Street View and they can scan images dated back from the start of 2007. You can also see the Street View where streets are shown in different seasons and during the night too.


Almost 6 million miles Street View imagery is available even before the massive updates came. Now, it reaches 12 million miles worth including the time machine feature that covers the sidewalk-level and you can now explore the interactive photo section.


After the Street View is in operation, time machine will be available in every location. You can check-out twenty or more “time slices” in metro area while most locations only have two or three. Google cited one example of how users can see the construction of Freedom Tower in New York City until its final out come.


Vincet Vanhoucke, research scientist at Google said that Street View’s time machine feature is only available to desktop but he also wanted to make another version of it that will eventually available for mobile too.


“What we’ve done before now was give users the freshest imagery, because that’s typically what’s most useful to them,” he said. “And from now on, every time we add imagery, it will be with a time machine layer—it will be enabling this going-back-in-time feature.”


They hope that the old Street View maps will be useful like the new photos. According to Vincent educators and scientist could use this application and the company wants to be a resource for the world. The next major event they are planning is to launch this new feature worldwide all at once.

The hope, he said, is that users will find the old Street View maps just as useful as the new photos.