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How to Prevent Fraudulent Activities through Point of Sale System

One of the most common problems among small businesses is the lack of employment management and facilities such as Point of Sale System. There are many troubles involved when it comes to trading and some of it includes negligence of staff, lack of cashier-sales clerk organization and some fraudulent activities caused by employees.


In order to prevent any problems in you business, there are many ways how to organize and manage your workers. One of which is by the use of some machines that can prevent or stop fraudulent activities inside your establishment like the use of CCTV cameras, so they will not be tempted to steal anything from the company. Another way is by using POS or Point of Sale system.


Android Point-of-sale-system is designed to reduce any fraudulent activities and at the same time, it improves your cashier-sales clerk organization. It can also reduce errors and provide a faster service to the customers.


If your are still using traditional cash registers, maybe it’s now the time to change it into Android POS system. Usually, old cash registers are only designed to list the number of products bought by customers and once there is a mistake involved, the cashier would remove the original receipt and type in the list again. Sometimes, there are list of products that are not recognized by the register and the company would think this is just an error from the cashier. This incident can be used as an advantage for some cashiers to steal from the company through accessing cash register and take some of your sales.


Poor cash register would only tolerate fraudulent acts and it would last for several years without your knowledge about it. Some sales clerk might even get some of your products from the store and list these stolen items as sold. Traditional cash register is not really designed to record all the sold items in your store.


If this issue bothers you, you can actually reduce fraudulent activities by having a clear monitoring updates through Android POS System. The POS or Point of Sale System would not only register all the products sold but would also provide you a ledger of all the sold items sent to a database. You can have access to your sales using other Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. The amount gained daily would also be registered on the POS machine so that an auditor and account would be able to record later.