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How to Open and Run a Restaurant Business

Learn how to start, run, and maintain a profitable restaurant in your neighborhood with minimal startup financing and the least amount of risk. Opening A Restaurant A-Z is run by a group of restaurant business owners who have come to share their insight in the industry knowledge for those looking to start their own eating and/or drinking establishment.


Many people have this misconception that simply because they have experience in the restaurant industry, they can start, run, and maintain a profitable operation. The fact is there are many factors that play a role in determining your ultimate success or failure in the business. Some of which includes startup capital, location, management, equipment, marketing et cetera.


With over 60 years combined experience in the restaurant industry, we will show you how to start running a lucrative restaurant with minimal risk while maximizing profit from the beginning. We started and managed over 600 restaurants across the US, all of which are thriving today. Regardless of which cuisine or what type of restaurant you’re planning to open, we know that you won’t find a more comprehensive, universal, business start-up guide.


The fact of the matter is, regardless of which country you come from, starting a restaurant is one of the easiest, less risky businesses to start if you have the proper knowledge and experience as explained in many industry magazines. We in the general food service industry have agreed that eighty-five percent of businesses will fail after their first year. Survey research data show that ninety five percent of the problems that occur during business start-up are not due to finance but due to mismanagement and lack of experience which eventually leads to bad decision-making.


 For example, buying new, expensive high-end equipment when all you need to do is call a local wholesaler of used Restaurant Equipment and pay only a fraction of the cost.

Here are some more instances:

1.    Hiring more people than you need.

2.    Location: lack of accessibility and/or visibility.

3.    For advertising, you must know how to advertise for the lowest dollar amount.

Whether you’re looking to start a small, independent restaurant in your neighborhood, acquire an existing restaurant business or franchise, you’ll learn the fundamental tools needed to start running, maintaining, and growing your business regardless of your situation.


With our proven business model described in an easy A-Z format, you’ll learn how to set up the basic structure of your restaurant business and position it for a long-term progressive growth. We took a simple yet very effective approach in creating our guide book: it’s like building a house. First, you dig; lay the foundation; build the frame; and then everything else is eye candy. The difference between those who are successful and not-so-successful are not because of the financial damage or because of special schooling, most successful business owners in nearly every industry will tell you the same thing – drive, motivation, and persistence will triumph all failures down the unpaved road to success. It all comes down to believing in yourself and your venture regardless of what anybody else says or the current state of your endeavor.


Most people automatically assume that their new business won’t be viable if it does not succeed after six months and therefore simply give up. It is at that point where businesses fail. As successful restaurant owners, we wanted to put together a powerful yet easy-to-understand guide book that teaches anyone, regardless of which city, state, or country they live in, how to start running a highly profitable restaurant business without any financial risks with the help of government grants or corporate credits that do not need to be repaid if the business fails. Anyone can start a profitable restaurant business and anyone in the business will tell you the same if you have the right tools, resources, basic information and know-how. As a restaurant business owner, you’ll have more flexibility to travel and do the things you want. Also, if you’ve ever worked at a restaurant you’ll know that it is a fun and exciting place to be in.


We’ve put together a guide book that will take you step-by-step, helping you launch your own restaurant business. Our aggressive turnkey business startup approach has been featured in over a dozen restaurant business magazines and other publications since 1995. The key to success in the restaurant business is not how much money you had to start with but how you operate your business compared to other restaurants that are in the area.