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How to know what customers think before they write a Yelp review?

When you read a less than positive review about your business online, do you feel frustrated or upset that the customer could have talked to you or your staff before they left your store, that it was a simple issue that you could have been resolved and the customer would have been happy and your business reputation would have remained intact? If you have this problem, keep watching I’m about to show you how to improve your customer feedback system. The internet is an amazing tool for finding information, but what it’s also done for business is not only help you to be found online; it’s also helped customers to give their opinion on your business. Whether you like it or not, people are talking about your business and you need to be a part of the conversation. But how do you step ahead of the customer online reviews and talk to your customers before things go too far? I’m going to give you an example of a restaurant that I was at recently.


Right on our table was a little card. On the one side it said, before you yelp, let us help. And on the back of the card they had a little survey where a customer could fill in what they thought about their experience. When I saw this card, I thought, how brilliant.


It’s so simple. They’re recognizing their customer’s behavior and they’re interacting and soliciting feedback before the customer leaves the restaurant. Now, there’s two more steps to this that’s really important before you put a survey out on a counter.


The next is, make sure that whoever checks your customer out at the end of their experience, and always asks if they enjoyed their visit. And make sure they’re trained to know what to do if a customer is unhappy, because there’s nothing worse than when a customer complains about a staff and the staff are, oh, I’m really sorry to hear that. They should be able to do something about it or know who to go to and help that customer resolve that problem, because if they don’t, when that customer writes a negative review on yelp, they’re not only going to talk about the bad experience that they initially had, they’re also going to complain about how they complained and your staff did nothing. That’s even worse. Look forward to customer feedback.


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