Android POS

How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity Using Android POS System in Your Restaurant

Android restaurant POS device actually works well in the hospitality industry and it can increase the performance of your business operations. POS device portrays professionalism and makes you look classy to your customers. It is considered as trendy, sophisticated and advanced. But this is not just a typical trendy device because it help you with your business, particularly your restaurants, improve operations and it give you more money.


When taking orders

One most beneficial thing about Android POS system is that it allows a new system environment to coexist within your business premises where the servers can take and give orders. It is built in a cloud system that makes it easy to send orders from counter to kitchen, take the stock inventory and do other various operations in real time.


This tablet POS software will minimize the number of steps needed for the server to communicate with the orders to the kitchen. It reduced errors that usually happen in traditional systems of taking orders. It allows the waiters to get orders from other customers as they wait for the orders to get back. Placing orders in this manner can be very efficient way to serve customers.


Maintenance Cost

Mobile point of sale software devices are easier to repair and it can be taken to technician or have one come to your premises and have them repaired at a cheaper cost compared to what you would spend on a cash register or traditional POS.


Mobility and flexibility are one of the key elements of Android tablet POS system that make it user efficient and easy to use like Kroid Cloud POS system. It  uses a cloud based platform to implement the ecosystem that allows it to be accessible from anywhere from a number of compatible devices. The maintenance work is shoulder by the cloud provider who maintains the whole system and ensures that you focus more on your business operations.