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How to improve your Restaurant Mobile website

When customer search for your restaurant on iPhone, iPad or another mobile device, what do they see? That’s what we’re going to talk about here today, your Restaurant Mobile Website. So why is it important to optimize your Restaurant Website for Mobile? Well think about this scenario. A young couple is on a date, there walking around New York City. It’s late and they’re getting hungry.


So they decided to try and find a restaurant that’s nearby walking distance. And the young lady takes out her iPhone and searches for restaurants. She likes to read review on Yelp, so she goes to Yelp iPhone app and within a minute she finds an Italian restaurant on there. So the reviews, they look alright but she’s unsure about the ambiance.


She wants to find something romantic so she taps the link to view this restaurant on her iPhone. Oh no, this site was built in flash which means it can’t be viewed on iPhone. She’s frustrated and she looks for another restaurant somewhere else to go. Now the kicker is that this restaurant would have been perfect candle lit table settings, beautiful decor, excellent wine list but unfortunately this young couple doesn’t know about all that because they weren’t able to access the restaurant’s website on their iPhones.


So that’s why you need a mobile website for your restaurant. Now let’s take a quick look at our website designs that we offer and how they display on iPhone or iPad. Using responsive web design, we’ve designed our restaurant websites to scale and adapt to any screen, any device. So this makes sure that costumers no matter which device they are using, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or another mobile device, they will be able to see your restaurant and access the information that they need.


Having a good mobile website will surely boost your restaurants popularity. Almost all people now are searching using their mobile phones.


Talking about mobile phones, Kroid POS Software runs on selected Android devices. You can download Kroid Cloud POS at Google Play and enjoy a 30-day free trial with no strings attached.