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How to Handle Your POS System Properly

Like all other electronic equipment, point of sale system also needs a periodic professional maintenance to assure that it will last longer with full efficiency. You cannot avoid that in the long run a qualified technician will be needed to fix your system.


Proper maintenance can lengthen the total span of a POS system but business owners should pay much attention to its proper care from the time of installation onwards. Increasing the return on investment means enjoying your original purchase of the equipment.


Proper placement of the POS system

Physical location is one of the most important things to consider once you installed a POS system your store. Point of sale systems has the same components like computer units, terminals and hard drives and all of these needs proper ventilation. All the heat produced by the drive heads and the operation of central processing units can damage your unit if it is not properly ventilated.


But most managers and restaurant owners assume that cooling fans are enough for the POS system to be placed anywhere and ventilation issues should be neglected.  For some cashiers, placing a POS system against a wall is very much convenient; well it could be a sign that sooner or later you need to bring that POS to a technician.


In this case, you really have to avoid this one. Your POS system should be situated two inches away from any other surface like wall or other devices. Surfaces include things like walls, cabinets and other components of the same system. There should be enough space for your Point of sale system to discharge the heat away.


Clogged Vents


Overheating might not only cause by the placement of your POS system. Sometimes, this problem is brought by contaminants like dust, dirt or lint that clogged into your cooling vents.  Over the time, dirt will definitely build-up inside your vents and it can obstruct the air flow.  Temperature can also increase the moist inside your system and it may attract more dust through time.


We recommend that at least twice a year, you will spend a small amount to clean out all the cooling vents so that adequate cooling will be sustained. You can try using a can of compressed air but try to avoid blowing the dirt into the interior of a POS component. Q-tip will be also useful in case vents are clogged with grease.  You can also discus about POS maintenance with your POS provider.